• Album Art (CD/Cassette/Vinyl) • Posters

• Web Pages  • Mockups  • Video Promo

•  Web Applications  • Apparel Design


Remember Myspace layouts? Yeah.. We used to do that too.


Always on top of the latest trends, we can assure you regardless of the niche

or genre you're trying to capture, we can design, mock up, and distribute an entire

line of products or image for your next big move.



• T-Shirts  • All-Over Printing (Sublimation)  • Posters

• Embroidered Hats  • Leggings  • Socks  • Dresses

• Skirts  • Phone Cases  • Magazines  • Books  • CD's


We pride ourselves on being the step between artists

and the need to do large, bulk orders. We have established a made-to-order

business model that allows nearly no initial investment to get a line of merch ready.

We also offer discounts on bulk orders, and a couple different printing methods for garments.