Total Costs = $0.00

MerchWave bridges the gap between artists need for merch and the funds required to produce it. We've established a made to order system, so there's no upfront costs to start selling your merch. The cost of manufacturing is covered in the sales on the artists behalf, you simply send us your artwork, we mock up and produce the item, and we give you the OK to start selling it, and once the orders start rolling in, we distribute it for you too.

The "Other Guys" are essentially assembly lines. They meet the demands of a vast array of customers, and thus their mindset is that of the "quantity over quality" variety. At MerchWave we prefer to work on a more personal level with our clients, not only offering the platform necessitated to sell the goods, but also offering our own ideas, brainstorming together, and trying to think of unique products that will benefit your fan-base in terms of both the quality of the memorabilia and it's unique flair. We also handle the shipping, which saves you quite a bit of time!



  • T-Shirts

    We print primarily on American Apparel 2001 tees, but have many different brands and styles available upon request.  We use DTG (Direct-to-Garment) processes for single orders, and for bulk orders we offer the option of Screen Printing, assuming the art is made for it.

  • Sublimated (All Over Print) T-Shirts

    We do all Sublimated printing for Tees, Jerseys, Crop tops and Tank Tops

    Send us an email for a quote

  • Prints and Posters

    Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper. Photo-quality prints can be made into eye-popping Canvas Prints. All the way to Epson luster photo paper. We can print it on all of them, at just about any size. Send us a message and show us some cool artwork.

  • Embroidered Hats

    Snap Backs, 6 Panels, Wool Blend, Trucker Hats, Beanies, Pom-Pom Hats (seriously)

    You want it, we got it. All able to be customized. Send us a Message and we'll provide some shade

  • Design Services

    We can provide help fit your artwork onto our your products, that's on the house.
    If you're looking for full design services, send us a message and we can put you in contact with an Artist that matches your Brand, Label or Artistic vision or aesthetic needs.

  • Web App Development

    We can provide things to pre-existing websites that greatly enhance the user experience, these can be as simple as interactive menus, to full on embeded games custom tailored to your projects needs.

Price Breakdown

Once your product is approved to be sold by us, you may sell it on your platform of choice. A schedule will then be set up such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly in which we will collect payment and all the required information, and produce and ship your products out on your behalf.


This is a revolutionary system in which an Artist may begin a physical brand with no funding. Each item is already paid for when it's purchased. We don't charge percentages, or take your sales, we simply automated the process because it was so simple, and we wanted some cool merch.

ANYTHING you charge after you meet the required 'Cost-of-Production' listed below is your profit to keep.

To put things into perspective, we can produce and ship a product with nearly the same amount of money it would cost to set up the screen fees.

Items Price Made-to-Order - Major Bulk Discounts Available

Tees - $21.00 Sweatshirts - $40.00

Crop Tops - $25.00 Tank Tops - $21.00

Long-Sleeve Tees - $25.00
CDs - $10.00 printed and shipped
Misc Print Items (Posters, Pamphlets, Etc) From $5

All other item pricing available upon request for a quote, including Hats, Sublimated Tees, Skirts, Leggings, Cassettes, and much more. Head over to the Contact section and give us a buzz! I bet we'll still beat the "Other Guys".